Sephora VIB/Rouge Spring Sale Haul – Part 2

To top my week off, I caught some kind of head cold bug thing overnight. I’m not exactly sure what it is and I’m not overly sick, just sick enough to be annoyed that I’m sick. This is how my life works. But anyways we’re going to finish up with my haul today.

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We’ll start off with another Bite Beauty product. However, unlike the Agave Mask that I will probably never live without again, this one will probably be returned. This is their Amuse Bouche lipstick in the color Berry Rouge which is a Sephora Rouge member exclusive. The reason this will be returned has nothing to do with how nice the product itself is, it’s a beautiful lipstick as you’d expect from them.

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When I purchased it I thought it would be a reddish berry color and this is instead purple. Like very purple. And the color is just not for me. I was looking to get a Rouge exclusive product as I will most likely not make that status again so I think I’m going to look into the Nars blush instead for the fall sale.

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I finally got the ABH eyeshadow single in Henna! I cannot express how happy this makes me. I have wanted it for a long time but just had not gotten around to it. And I love it!

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Her eyeshadows are just stunning. I have several other colors and love them all (and have a few of her summer colors coming out on my list already). I used this color in a make-up look on my Instagram the other week. It’s especially beautiful sprayed with some Fix+ to really make it foiled and pop on your eyes.

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My next item was a splurge that I’ve been eyeing up for a while. The Kat Von D Shade and Light contouring palette. So I’ve been looking for a contour palette but have been scared to take the plunge since I always felt like I’d only use half the palette if I was lucky. What pushed me over to buy this one is that I got the refillable palette.

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I really like the idea that while there may be two pans or so that I never touch if I run out of the colors I do love I can just repurchase that pan instead of the entire palette. I’ve heard lots of good things about this palette so I’ll report in when I give it a good go.

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I’m a massive fan of Glamglow. I have four of their face masks, the primer I adore for liquid lipsticks and now this. This is their Plumprageous Metallic Lip Plumper Treatment. Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t use products to plump my lips, I’m very happy with the size of my lips.

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What lured me into this product was the color. It’s a very soft beautiful metallic pinky champagne color in the name of Lusty. I love that while it is a metallic color it’s soft enough to be an everyday color. I don’t feel the need to be going some place special to reach for this color and to me that makes a product worth it. I’m a person that has a hard time buying a product when I know I may only use it a handful of times for special occasions so this is a win for me.

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This is the last item that I purchased and to be truthful I only purchased it to put me over the $25 mark on an order. I have used Sephora’s masks in the past, all kinds of their face masks and I’ve use their lips masks in the rose version already and have one on hand. This is the Shea version. I do find these to be a nice treatment. They feel incredibly weird on, a little slimy feeling and you can’t talk or do anything with your mouth while it’s on but I felt weird the first time I used a sheet mask to so I find that normal. What I like these most for is during travel. I travel by plane every few months and the air on a plane can be a killer on your skin. I like to take a hydrating sheet mask and a lip treatment for after a long flight to replace all the moisture the plane sucks out of my skin.

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And this is the reason I needed to reach the $25 mark. On two orders at $25 rather then use the discount code I used promo codes to get these deluxe samples because I really wanted to try them. I got the Fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream which I love the idea of. Now I have a love hate with Fresh, there are items I love and items I can’t stand so I really wanted to give this a shot. And I’ve been dying to try Smashbox’s metallic lipsticks. The colors look so incredible but again this is an item I would not reach for very often so purchasing the full size is hard to me to commit to. I may in a more wearable everyday color but this red is stunning and I’m very happy to have it on hand.

Well we made it to the end. That’s everything that I got during this sale. Actually I also got several samples since I made multiple orders and living overseas where there are no actual Sephora stores I have to order online. But I’m not getting into┬áthose here, I’m going to save those for reviews since they were products I didn’t necessarily want, I thought it would be fun to do a mini series of those.

I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend! I’m planning on being lazy and resting to kick this bug out of my system. While a nice face cleanse and mask helped me feel a little more human I’m not all the way there yet. Let me know what items are on your list or you’re excited about! We’re hitting summer releases so there’s lot of new items to play with! And as always feel free to tag me on Instagram! @LinstedtBeauty


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