Skin Care Sunday – Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

Today is definitely not Sunday. At this point it’s not even close to the end of Sunday. You know what happened? I started writing and then started watching Dr. Pimple Popper and my night was done for. Then it was super done for when I got into a playlist of one of her patients. Oy.

I pulled this mask out as a quick and easy treatment because I just was not feeling up to doing a big thing yesterday. This is a 5 minute creamy mask. It says it’s a triple action mask to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten. It has a very long list of things that it does not contain. While that’s extremely nice to see I will say the list of ingredients it does have is very long with the first ingredient being water and glycerin close to follow. Several of the ingredients though are organic essential oils or naturally occurring in the oils as well as some being certified organic.

Here’s the only thing with it for me, I don’t feel like this is really a mask. I had it on actually a little longer than the 5 minutes and my skin felt nice after. I didn’t notice that it did much except exfoliate. It uses crushed walnut shells to exfoliate your skin and it is very nice. It does not feel overly hard or like it’s grinding off the top layer of your face like some do. But I used it again this morning as just a cleanser to help get some dead skin off my face that had remained and it was really nice. Apparently I was to distracted yesterday to even put it on fully. My face also didn’t feel stripped so it was fairly moisturizing. Thought when it comes down to it I didn’t notice any added benefits from leaving it sit on my face.

So while I enjoy it and I will certainly use it to get off dead skin build up I will not be reaching for this one when I want a really nice face mask. I also would probably not repurchase only because I have other exfoliators I prefer over this one.

Now the question will be do I have it in me to get my Make-up Monday blog done as well? I’m going to give it a shot so we’ll see. I hope everyone is having a more productive day than me!


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