Skin Care Sunday – Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Pen

Another Sunday and another rescue me item to make me look semi human again. Back in the States and between jet lag and working I’m looking a little rough. Luckily I brought this with me to help me out.

So this nifty little item does a lot to help out but not quite as much as it claims. This pen claims that it can diminish dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, wrinkles and combats the signs of aging. It does one of those for me. Basically for me it gets rid of puffiness. Which I’m certainly not complaining about since the puffiness is real. I think claiming the rest is a bit of a stretch. Now I love the way my under eyes look while using it but I don’t think it helps with wrinkles any.

What I like to do is to keep this guy in the fridge to make it extra cold and to increase the ability for it to de-puff even more. I like to do that with most products that are for de-puffing.

I got this in a kit from Skyn Iceland so I got several other products with this. On it’s own I don’t think I would recommend getting it at full price, I’m just not that wowed by it but on sale or in the set it was a good deal.

I hope everyone’s weekend has been going good. Let me know if you have any products like this that you would recommend, I’m always looking for more options. And as always feel free to tag me on Instagram! @LinstedtBeauty


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