Make-up Monday – Au Naturale Rose Gold Highlighter

I decided to attempt to get this blog post done tonight too. I probably should have waited since I’m very tired and a little out of it hence my quick product pick that ended up being similar to last week. My life right now, I should be more organized that this but I’m not and I’m not nearly as ashamed of that as I should be.

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Anyway I picked this lovely product for tonight. This is one of those products that make you feel like you made a good life choice in your make-up. It’s vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, certified by PETA and supports education for females in Zambia. I’m all for supporting companies that have that type of background.

This is a beautiful rose gold color. Like gorgeous. That being said I feel like very few skin tones could actually use this as a full on highlighter. I think a darker skin tone could pull it off and would probably look stunning. I have to blend it out to next to nothing so I don’t look like I have a rose color stripe on my cheekbones.

What I do love this for on me is an eyeshadow. You have to use a good primer since it is a cream to prevent it from creasing but that’s not a big deal. I love using it as a color on my lid for a pretty shine and it looks just as beautiful either smudged out or blending it in with other eyeshadows.

When it comes down to it though I don’t know if I would buy it if the company didn’t have a good enough resume to give you a guilt trip for your other make-up choices. This puppy comes with a $32 price tag which is steep for the product itself however is typical of products that are all natural. It does come with 9 grams of product which compares to Becca’s pressed skin perfectors at 8 grams. I personally though feel like pressed powder products last longer than creams, maybe I wipe a lot off since I typically apply them with my finger. I’m not sure but I feel like I get a lot more miles out of a pressed powder.

So even though it’s beautiful, I don’t think this would rank over some of the other highlighters I own. I may go to hell since they don’t have the moral integrity of this one but I’ve made peace with that. And on that note, I’m going to bed and taking my puppy with me since he’s been staring at me for about an hour wanting me to get off the computer. I hope your life is more together than mine this week! Let me know what highlighters are your favorites and feel free to tag me on Instagram! @LinstedtBeauty


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