Skin Care Sunday – Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

This week has been a mess. As in I’m turning in my adult card and calling it a day type of week. I still haven’t managed to get done everything I need to and I’m leaving tomorrow for three weeks in the States, and not for a vacation which makes it just that much worse. So with all that being said the last thing I’ve been concerned with this week has been my skin. This is the type of week I break out the big guns cause I need all the help I can get.

This is my save my skin backup. I don’t reach for this one much but only because I keep it for times like this. This is the type of treatment that makes you feel like you have a brand new layer of skin. I love peels, in all forms and types. Doesn’t matter what type of chemical it is or if it’s natural I love them all.

This one is a little different then most. The Tata Harper I posted about a few weeks ago is more gentle than this one in my opinion. That one is a thick salve that you leave one and it gently eats away the dead skin. This is much more interactive. You take a few pumps and rub on your face and neck. I like to do this in the shower to make clean up easier. I let it sit for just a second then you begin massaging it in. As you do it breaks down your dead skin and combines with it so that in a few seconds your rubbing little pieces around of the skin that has come off. After a few minutes you just rinse all the debris away and you have nice fresh skin.

I have heard people say that they speculate that it’s just the product that pills up on your skin and it may not do as much as it claims. Whether that is true or not I can’t deny how amazing my skin feels after. I can have crazy texture on my skin and after this my skin is always incredibly smooth. There’s very little that makes my skin as silky smooth as this does.

Now this comes with a decent price tag. That being said, especially if you keep it for emergencies like I do, the tube will last you quite some time.

Now that I have my new skin on my face I feel a little bit better with how my life is going for today at least. I hope everyone had a great weekend and took a few minutes to treat themselves as well! Tag me on Instagram with how you’re treating yourself! @LinstedtBeauty


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